Matt Nye Helps Clients Pay Off Almost $1.8 Million in Debt

Matt Nye HeadshotDRAPER, UT – United Financial Freedom (UFF) recognized Executive Director Matt Nye of Florida as a “Rising Star” in June for having almost $40 million in debt under management and helping his clients pay off $1.78 million in debt.

Nye has been an agent for United Financial Freedom for less than two years and achieved the rank of Executive Director last August.

“I was honestly stunned when corporate called and showed me the numbers,” Nye said. “I knew the program was powerful because I use it myself, and I’ve seen the impact it has as I’m working with people on an individual, case by case basis, but to see the aggregate numbers… well, it just blew me away.”

MMA LogoThe Money Max Account (MMA) is an innovative cloud-based financial platform that allows clients to manage all of their accounts from a single pane of glass. The program’s advanced algorithms constantly adapt to changes in the client’s financial situation in real-time to ensure they are always on the fastest path to debt freedom, no matter how their life circumstances change or what challenges arise.

“This program is powerful because it instantly shows people how much the interest on debts like their mortgage really costs them, and how easily and quickly they can get things paid off using cash that would normally sit idle in their bank accounts,” Nye said. “It tells you exactly how much money to send to which debt and when to send it… it’s like a financial GPS that tells you turn by turn what your next move is to get to the destination of zero debt.”

With interest rates at historic lows, Nye says he regularly works with clients who will pay off newly refinanced 30-year mortgages in as little as 5-7 years using the program. He says Americans have been conditioned to accept a 30-year mortgage as a requirement of homeownership and is frustrated that more people don’t realize it doesn’t have to be this way.

“I’ve been in the finance and technology sectors for more than 30 years now, and the MMA is the most revolutionary program I’ve seen in the personal finance space in the last 15 years,” Nye said. “I’ve had clients weep when they see the results the system gets for them – it is truly life-changing, and knowing I am helping to free people from the bondage of being in debt is incredibly gratifying.”

Nye says it takes an hour or so to compile all of the necessary data and run the analysis to see what the program will do. He provides the service at no cost to his clients, and there is no obligation.

“The vast majority of the time, the decision to get on the program is a complete no-brainer,” Nye said. “Every American with a mortgage should be using this program to pay off their home, eliminate all their debt and build wealth.”


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Matt Nye

Matt Nye is an innovative entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in technology and finance.


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