What is Infinite Banking?

This financial management strategy uses a unique and flexible vehicle—dividend-paying whole life insurance—to accomplish many different financial goals throughout a person’s lifetime.

Here is a simple infographic to demonstrate the journey of Infinite Banking.

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Not at all. Anyone interested in building true long-term wealth understands that nothing comes for free. You will always have to invest money and time to achieve it. There’s nothing quick or easy about Infinite Banking. It takes both time and discipline, but by applying those two things to a Infinite Banking plan, you can reap the benefit many times over.

No way. This isn’t a pyramid scheme or any type of work you have to do—no recruiting. No fast-talking. Nothing to sell. You don’t have to do anything other than discipline yourself to stick to the financial contribution plan we put together based on your goals.

For some people, Infinite Banking is the easiest thing in the world. For others, it is such a major paradigm shift that mastering it takes some time and patience. It’s certainly not a magic pill.

We totally understand. Some Infinite Banking advisors get so excited about the product that their descriptions of it go a little over-the-top, making this proven strategy sound “too good to be true.” We try not to do that. We believe strongly in the flexibility and power of dividend-paying whole life insurance, especially when it’s designed properly by someone who understands it—but we know it’s not for everyone. That’s why we take a more low-key approach to it. If it works for you, then great! If not, we offer many other financial planning solutions. 

With Infinite Banking, we’d rather under-promise and over-deliver results…not the other way around.

Any investment comes with a certain amount of risk. Good financial planners will help you avoid risk whenever possible, particularly by diversifying your portfolio to minimize risk. While no investment or financial product is risk-free, we do believe that Infinite Banking gives you the opportunity to save money, save for retirement, and finance major purchases without taking quite as much risk in the markets. That’s why we think it’s so powerful.

There is a significant difference between the whole life insurance policies they are referring to and the properly structured dividend-paying whole life policies that are the backbone of Infinite Banking. Many financial advisors hear the phrase “whole life” and immediately tune out, but this is a completely different animal.

Whole life plans that fit the tightly structured Infinite Banking design come with more guarantees than any other life insurance product and have stood the test of time. Not just for the last 15 years, or even the last 50 years—but more than 160 years!

The Nates Financial Group are experts at helping clients like you restructure your finances to free up seed money to fund an initial plan. We design these plans to meet as many of your short-term and long-term goals as possible…as quickly as possible! Sometimes we can make this happen without impacting your lifestyle at all.